Rehabilitation on the island.
Just finished packing for our little excursion to Ornö, a small island off the coast of Stockholm. Desperate of some sun, fun, and quality "me time"- which means getting back in touch with my inner introverted self. Going to put my new paints to use as well as read and write some poetry, spend a good amount of time by the pool, and eat well. Hope all you lovelies are enjoying your summer. Also! For all the stargazers, watch out for this years supermoon on saturday night the 23rd of june. I know I'll be camping out under the stars.
It's my nineteenth birthday and yes, if you may ask it feels fine and dandy. I figured I'm in that crucial age where it's still alright to completely fuck up any possible chance of me to ever have a future but also to prepare myself of becoming an old-intollerant-over-emotional-and-quite-obsessive-pompous-twenty-year-old-hag. My age isn't quite the dilemma yet. Enough said.

The cakes were delicious (of course I needed to have two) and the company was a delight. (I sound old already.) The nights spent out (notice how it's plural) to celebrate were intense. But none of that will be mentioned on the public inter web. The 30th I'll be heading home to help prepare what will become an epic new years and a legendary beginning to 2013. I feel as if this is starting to become too much of a diary already and that needs to change. Mjeh. So on a random note, click here and you'll be taken to something quite cool that had me on repeat for atleast 3 minutes.
Hello Stockholm.
Arrived in heaps of snow at my grandparents casa and the christmas festivities have begun. With my birthday a few short days away and good food inbetween, traditions don't go short in my family. Tonight I'm preparing myself to storm Stockholm's nightlife and hit it up once more on the 27th. Oh, how I love the holidays.
According to the Mayan calandar, tomorrow is the day where we all die. If that be the case, I've done a lot of unnecessary packing. As a matter of fact, I've almost packed my entire closet for a weeks trip. Who knows, if the world goes under I'll have plenty of options in which garments to decease in. Alright, apart from my sadistic humor, I'll jump all the wishy washy nonsense I usually forget to filter out and get to the point: Christmas is that one cliché and overdone moment of the year where it's socially accepted to be extremely appreciative and affectionate, so I wish you a happy holiday! I love all of you who enjoy reading what I write. You have no idea how much that means to me.
Like kings in Tylösand.
Take me travelling.
The past couple of days I've spent most of my time taking mini road trips across the country and sunny Båstad was one of those destinations. We ate well, visited the shores, went out on the water, and found ourselves in the middle of a tournament of some sort. Regardless of the sport, the boys gathering around the village were gorgeous. Actually regardless of the boys, the cars parked around the area were gorgeous. Every single one of them settled on the street shimmering in the sun practically begging for attention. I think I'll take my little Peugeot elsewhere.
A rabbit a tree and a train.
Spent a rough well-deserved week in Västerås with my cousins (blattevarning) messing about and getting up to no good. Of all things I suppose a massive amount was disbursed on alcohol, cigarettes, and waiting in long lines to bang-up nightclubs. None of which were actually photographed so instead, here you are looking at an eight year old rabbit named "Piggelin", a nice darn tree, and a view of something somewhere in a distance through a window from a train in Sweden.
Hello Småland.
(Aneby, Småland)
I wouldn't necessarily call myself the theatrical type but when you happen to be in a strange town and make friends with those who aren't anything else, I'd say I caught on quick in appreciating the Arts. For a small sum of money I visited a "theatre-outlet" (no worries, its a new expression for me too) where I fell in love with a handful of performances. A talented group of people choreographed a dance to the song "Afterglow" by Phaeleh and you can only imagine how great it truly looked. Even more, on Saturday I met a famous dubcore rockband with the name "Beyond All Recognition" and got to sit down and take a beer with them. I guess Västerås is where it's at when you know where to look.