Sofia's Graduation.
I have just spent the previous week up in Västerås visiting my cousins and celebrating Sofia's high school graduation. It was really great to see everybody and catch up! Here are a couple of photos of her "utspring". The weather was incredible and the day could not have been more perfect! Looking forward to see you again soon!
For the first time I got to experience Valborg in sunny Lund, and it was everything I hoped it would be. I wouldn't say it is very often I am smashed off my face in broad daylight either. Thankfully it didn't rain, which it said it would, and we were blessed with sun almost the entire afternoon. Having that and being surrounded by beautiful friends with drinks and food and a well-deserved hangover was not far behind!
Meet weezy.

Keep in mind lovelies, that my brother is the filmographer in the family; I'm just a wannabe..
On the ice.
A day in Gothenburg.
With Danielle and Jacquie, I spent an intense day in the city of Gothenburg doing what we do best: Shop, fika, and be touristy (even though not really). Nothing like a little road trip to get some new sights, smells, and cracked up dialects in my jug of experience.
This is a photograph of an orchid in my room. A deceased orchid. An ex-orchid. As in this orchid is no longer. Besides stealing my oxygen it really just takes up space. It doesn’t make me happy. I tend to avoid looking at it out of guilt. I’m neglectful of it and it haunts me. There are nights I wake up in a panic feeling the spindly vines wrapped around my neck. I wouldn’t say I’m intentionally trying to kill it, I’m just not putting any effort forward to see it live. Not like it matters. This plant would be able to weather a house fire and come out of it singed but holding on. What took me a fuck of a long time to realize, is that beyond this dying shriveled orchid is a big fat metaphor of my own life. This annoying, spunky, stubborn piece of greenery was just like me. I don’t look after myself the way I'm supposed to. I know that if effort is put into it, a new bud can grow from the old and the orchid will come alive again; grow back even more beautiful. I don’t know about you, but today I’m going to do a little bit of gardening. I could use some extra watering and attention.
Food for the mind.
If anyone is looking for some food for thought to kick off the new year, I have some ideal recommendations for you. Just got done reading "One day" by David Nicholls, procrastinating "50 shades of grey" by E. L. James, and will be moving on to "Extremely loud and incredibly close" by Jonathan Safran Foer; All heart-wrenching and seductively perfect for a cold January. Have at them! (If you wish to lend any just let me know. I have plenty more to share!)
Pimp my book.
I showed my mom how I have redesigned the icons on my desktop using a nifty app feeling pretty reinvented and proud of myself. She just laughed at me and said: "Louise, you're a nerd." If only she saw how much reinventing I spent on this blog. I'm a perfectionist, okay? Jesus I'm just gonna go reclean my room..
Merriness from my family.
Rather the journey.
After quite a stressful morning my mom has returned from the hospital. The operation went exceedingly well to say the least. Also, my dad has just notified us of his departure to NY city and asked us both for a list of things we want from the good ol' US of A. I need some time to brainstorm. Perhaps an iPad? Before he left he told me of a team-building exercise he underwent last week and gave me a pin in which reminded him of me (hence the charming little photo above). Quite cheesy I must say but inspiring nonetheless. "Happiness is being on the way". It isn't the destination of happiness but rather the journey.
Short appearance on a promo.

On a random note, I appear on a really badass promo my brother created for "equipe" at 1:50. You can see the enthusiasm in my professional acting skills. Waddup?
Like kings in Tylösand.
I seem to have massive writer's block. I can't think of anything particularly interesting worth sharing about my life today. Does that automatically mean I'd post a picture of my dog? Duh. Keep checking in though cause soon something cray is gonna be released. ;) Oh and by the way, if I attempted to explain to my readers what a massive amount of womanly activities I have completed today such as laundry, cleaning, washing etc. I'm pretty sure you would fall into one of those epileptic seizurual coma attacks where your brain would collapse within itself. Without krydd. I'll go make a sandwich now.
I make themes.
So actually I've gotten asked by a handful of people to create blog themes for them and as flattered as I was, it's hard to refuse a reason to play around with html and graphics. If you decide that you also want me to make one for you or just a header or something, let me know cause I'll get all up in that shit.
Winter is coming.
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