It's my nineteenth birthday and yes, if you may ask it feels fine and dandy. I figured I'm in that crucial age where it's still alright to completely fuck up any possible chance of me to ever have a future but also to prepare myself of becoming an old-intollerant-over-emotional-and-quite-obsessive-pompous-twenty-year-old-hag. My age isn't quite the dilemma yet. Enough said.

The cakes were delicious (of course I needed to have two) and the company was a delight. (I sound old already.) The nights spent out (notice how it's plural) to celebrate were intense. But none of that will be mentioned on the public inter web. The 30th I'll be heading home to help prepare what will become an epic new years and a legendary beginning to 2013. I feel as if this is starting to become too much of a diary already and that needs to change. Mjeh. So on a random note, click here and you'll be taken to something quite cool that had me on repeat for atleast 3 minutes.

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