Lemon Detox.
What is Weezy up to now? Well the goal of the detox is to rest the digestive tract, cleanse the system of impurities, mobilize and eliminate toxins stored in various areas of the body, and burn excess fat stores. It is made up of a variety of peppers, grade B maple syrup and lemon. From what I understood, repeating a detox like this for 10 days once a year reduces risk of heart disease and other age-prone diseases and is very beneficial for the body long-term. What do I have to lose? I'll be sure to let you know once I'm finished whether or not to recommend this and if anyone is interested in finding out more about it, feel free to ask lovelies.
Go nuts?
This is not one of those weightloss posts where I promote idiocracy as a form of diet. At the start, my intentions were merely slimming and toning for beach body 2013, but now I'm beginning to realize that this is a lifestyle. Believe me, I hate health freaks and gym geeks more than most; those obsessive protein powder junkies and scale fanatics. But I feel my body getting stronger and healthier every day since I began eating clean and exercising. All it takes is some determination and good routine. With plenty of research, I've learned that you should eat 5 small meals a day, containing mostly fish, lean meat, veggies, and fats such as avocado and nuts, restricting consumption of liquids to water, coffee, (and if alcohol; pure spirits such as vodka). (Caving every once in a while is fine.) 80 percent of what you eat makes up what you look like. The other 20 percent is regular exercise.
Beach body 2013.
This is the plan I have created for myself which I started the 1st of February and hope to have successfully completed by the 1st of May. My overall goal is to trim and tone down and from there continue a healthy lifestyle.

St. Height: 16.5cm / 15cm
Width Around: 79.5cm / 75cm
CW: 54kg
GW: 52kg
LW: 7kg

run every day
do stomache exercises
do arm exercises
do ass/thigh exercises

no grain foods (pasta, potato, rice)
drink only water/coffee
no sweets
eat mostly fish if possible
lots of veggies
Health: Dry skin.
One of the many downsides of winter (strong emphasis on many) is incredibly dry and flaky skin. I know I'm not alone on this one and therefore decided to share a highly effective tip for you. Perhaps this doesn't appeal as much to men, because, hey, only women would willingly apply bizarre products to their faces.

What brown substance (avoiding the term "shit") I have on my face left my skin cleansed and a little yellow, not gonna lie, but very hydrated and fresh. I bought it at "Goodness", a small boutique in Helsingborg that sells eco-friendly products, for a small sum of money. The ingredients include raw cacao powder, red clay, turmeric, and amla fruit powder. Give it a try and maybe you'll find it does wonders for you too!

You will find their homepage here.