A little someone.
The extent of my productivity for the day is at an abyss. If I could find a book in my house in which I haven't already read I'll be jumping over hedges to do so. All the snow in our small little town is gone. I'm staring at my piano building up a sizable amount of anguish for not having played for so long but not enough to actually do so. Regardless of all above and that beyond yonder a little someone is always curled up beside me.
I seem to have massive writer's block. I can't think of anything particularly interesting worth sharing about my life today. Does that automatically mean I'd post a picture of my dog? Duh. Keep checking in though cause soon something cray is gonna be released. ;) Oh and by the way, if I attempted to explain to my readers what a massive amount of womanly activities I have completed today such as laundry, cleaning, washing etc. I'm pretty sure you would fall into one of those epileptic seizurual coma attacks where your brain would collapse within itself. Without krydd. I'll go make a sandwich now.
I can't even.
"Not so much a question but just a 'thank you.' Your blog is inspiring, beautiful...amazing. In the photos you choose, I see myself as I currently am and myself as I want to be. They remind me of the person I love and miss so much and I see the places that I've been and so desperately want to get back to. I relate so much to what you post - that sense that we're not who we used to be but not yet who we're going to be. Thank you again for making life - the good and the bad - seem a little more understandable and beautiful."
- Anonymous.

This person saved my life a little bit. Thank you, whoever you are. This is beautiful.
Good Morning, Sunshine.
I am awake, and so is my dog apparantly.
I have a new nickname for my little boy: "skugga" which is shadow in swedish for all you non-swedish people reading this (actually according to my statistics turns out I have a loyal follower from Malaysia. Fuck yeah Malaysia?!) The reason for this unexpected change is because over the past few weeks he refuses to leave my side and follows me around wherever I go. Don't get me wrong, I love waking up to this especially now that I'm getting a wee bit sick. Also I did not just write about the pointless nonsense above because it was a reason to post a picture of my dog, okay? I am not freakishly obsessed with him alright.. Jesus.
Something ostentatious.
Due to the hype over this particular erotic novel "Fifty shades of grey" by EL James, I found it my literal duty to give it a read and see if it lived up to its glory. That's what I try to tell myself anyways. Samuel does not seem to approve. I'll be sure to share my professional opinion when I'm done.