Deep winter.

A calm yet absorbing buildup with a twist of jazz towards a drop with dark powerful piano chords and synths. Ideal for an evening walk in the winter forest with this in my ears.
Trap madness.

This is trap madness. Ridiculous synths and a mesmerizing bassline that will make this set a definite success. I've been pumping this all weekend. I would say "skip to like here" but the entire setlist is so good so myeeaa get drunk, get crunk, and have your way through it. Oh and that "yo" is incredibly sexy.

A smooth and soulful beat; excellent dub, powerful, yet non-overbearing synths, and some nice breakbeat percussions – quite the intriguing combination and I’ll shut up ‘n let you listen in.
Oh, the spirit.

Along all the christmas spirit, fresh white snow, and pale pretty faces, December seems a little brighter this year. Keep the ones you love close and throw buckets of snow at the rest. Nothing but chill DnB hitting up my earbuds this time of year, check it.
Wayfaring stranger.

Leaving you off with a homemade pillow, some tea and the beloved song above. I kid you not when I tell you this chair is my new home. That and my face in a Harry Potter book. Stay golden lovelies.
Hate This Part.