All of the small symbols.
Words… “words” is even a word. A word, in definition means, “A single distinct meaningful element of speech or writing.” So basically it is all symbolic… symbolic from what we have been taught, from what we have made up from language and phrases and gestures, and every other form of expression you could imagine. So words, or any form of expression, are merely symbols. Symbols made to express what we are, as individuals, ultimately from what we’ve experienced… to create a way to verbally express what we mean when we feel something, so we can share it with someone else to make it easier for them to understand it. It is all so incredible to me.
Let some light in.
In search of some light in what seems an endless winter, I stumbled across a little handbook that focuses mainly on happiness and productivity. It gives some great insight and allows you to pick and choose from a variety of methods to your own liking. It has inspired me enough to share it with you, lovelies. You can find the link here.
Meet weezy.

Keep in mind lovelies, that my brother is the filmographer in the family; I'm just a wannabe..
Amoroso: The musical terminology for playing lovingly.
Go nuts?
This is not one of those weightloss posts where I promote idiocracy as a form of diet. At the start, my intentions were merely slimming and toning for beach body 2013, but now I'm beginning to realize that this is a lifestyle. Believe me, I hate health freaks and gym geeks more than most; those obsessive protein powder junkies and scale fanatics. But I feel my body getting stronger and healthier every day since I began eating clean and exercising. All it takes is some determination and good routine. With plenty of research, I've learned that you should eat 5 small meals a day, containing mostly fish, lean meat, veggies, and fats such as avocado and nuts, restricting consumption of liquids to water, coffee, (and if alcohol; pure spirits such as vodka). (Caving every once in a while is fine.) 80 percent of what you eat makes up what you look like. The other 20 percent is regular exercise.