Burn the fiercest until they bleed.
And I stood there utterly terrified because I didn’t know where to look and I didn’t know if I should lean in closer, I didn’t know what to do with my other hand or if this was the kind of thing you were supposed to talk about. Spent years and cheap notebooks trying to put the moments together, trying to make them something better, something softer that people could make sense of. Are people unsure what kind of route to take when they want to love me? I want to take trains across city lines just to pull into yards and watch stars and never say what I'm thinking. I know I’m quiet but it’s just that the feelings are festering beneath and my hands don’t know what to do with them, so afraid to damage the sincerity in anything that it’s easier to pretend I’m a bystander even in my own experiences. I was always wondering, always waiting. I am always dividing that level of uncertainty in everything, picking apart the pieces that don’t make sense and bailing out the ones that do - forever giving them their chance to defy me.
Deep winter.

A calm yet absorbing buildup with a twist of jazz towards a drop with dark powerful piano chords and synths. Ideal for an evening walk in the winter forest with this in my ears.
On the ice.
Beach body 2013.
This is the plan I have created for myself which I started the 1st of February and hope to have successfully completed by the 1st of May. My overall goal is to trim and tone down and from there continue a healthy lifestyle.

St. Height: 16.5cm / 15cm
Width Around: 79.5cm / 75cm
CW: 54kg
GW: 52kg
LW: 7kg

run every day
do stomache exercises
do arm exercises
do ass/thigh exercises

no grain foods (pasta, potato, rice)
drink only water/coffee
no sweets
eat mostly fish if possible
lots of veggies
A day in Gothenburg.
With Danielle and Jacquie, I spent an intense day in the city of Gothenburg doing what we do best: Shop, fika, and be touristy (even though not really). Nothing like a little road trip to get some new sights, smells, and cracked up dialects in my jug of experience.
Health: Dry skin.
One of the many downsides of winter (strong emphasis on many) is incredibly dry and flaky skin. I know I'm not alone on this one and therefore decided to share a highly effective tip for you. Perhaps this doesn't appeal as much to men, because, hey, only women would willingly apply bizarre products to their faces.

What brown substance (avoiding the term "shit") I have on my face left my skin cleansed and a little yellow, not gonna lie, but very hydrated and fresh. I bought it at "Goodness", a small boutique in Helsingborg that sells eco-friendly products, for a small sum of money. The ingredients include raw cacao powder, red clay, turmeric, and amla fruit powder. Give it a try and maybe you'll find it does wonders for you too!

You will find their homepage here.
Are we there yet? Can we see the makeshifts and time changes dwelling, like the gallons of blood circulating in your body can make oceans. We breathe heavily through ashes and alcohol and half-smoked cigarettes on damaged balconies resembling a kind of freedom that you cannot afford. The feeling of being fundamentally fucking free. I can’t describe it, it is something so beautiful and so raw that builds up inside of me whenever I get to see you. We walk on paths that lead us to where we are supposed to be, and it’s like, I can’t believe your here walking with me. I remember being so scared but never telling you because I wanted to be tough in the ways you thought I was. I wrote sad and strange poems when I was sleep drunk because the dreams were too much so I swapped them for homeless words and letting my concern be heard, sometimes when I ached so loudly that unfathomed stars started to burn. And I am just overwhelmed. Those quiet things I never talked about with anyone because they were all mine and I was protective of them. All those people who never knew about the moments that tried to stay lodged in our bones but they burned us through.
Trap madness.

This is trap madness. Ridiculous synths and a mesmerizing bassline that will make this set a definite success. I've been pumping this all weekend. I would say "skip to like here" but the entire setlist is so good so myeeaa get drunk, get crunk, and have your way through it. Oh and that "yo" is incredibly sexy.