Philosophy: Hypocrisy or Authenticity.
The foundation in which we have based this world is useless. Nothing in which we have created is external to our minds nor is it exponentially useful in the terms of it. In the aspect of todays society most of what we succumb is an inevitable lack of events prehistoric to this idea. In reality, we cannot control anything external to ourselves. Along with Nietzsche’s belief there is no preventing circumstances and we might as well help the process in the decaying of the human being. In addition to this, all effort we put into creating structure, a political system, and some sort of environmental order isn’t real, and just a pigment of our interior mindfulness. We are simply fooling ourselves in the muck of it. Creating meaning for our existence is the first flaw the human has created. All of these machines, god-like beliefs as well as any other beliefs are simply created give us as human beings a sense of purpose and a sense of existence, none of which truly exist.

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