Human anatomy.
The body is a complexly beautiful, natural form of expression for our souls, for our consciousness. And the over-sexualization of our bodies that the media glamorizes, influences the masses to associate our bodies with superficial or unhealthy ideals - narcissism, arrogance, shame, insecurities, etc. It takes us away from nature, away from each other, away from who we really are. The human anatomy is something to celebrate and used in ways that nourish ourselves, not that make us feel ashamed. Being fit would come naturally in a world that hasn’t been over-industrialized. We would be outside, exploring for hours, climbing all over shit, hiking, swimming in fresh lakes, jumping off cliffs into water, white water rafting, skiing, snowboarding, etc., etc., etc.. And those are also activities that are exciting, spontaneous… good for the soul. Being fit would be normal, it wouldn’t be praised, and labeled as a form of discipline. That’s how far this commercialized world of business has taken people away from nature. (Model: Emelie Larsson)

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